The Relay System is a connected set of three applications to help you stabilise and improve your buisiness processes

Methods Pro is an application to make it faster and more effective to capture skills, standardise them and train others. It allows SOPs to be created on a tablet, saving time and includes multimedia to improve learning. It allows you to hold onto business skills and wisdom even when people leave.

It incorporates the ‘easy to learn’ SOP template, breaking skills down into Main Steps and Key Points, with the clarity of video, to reduce learning times.

“Methods Pro makes it much easier for my Team to create their own work procedures. It saves us a lot of time and means they actually get done!”

Ian McGeorge, Manufacturing Manager, Rotary Power Ltd.

Solutions Pro helps people to be effective problem solvers, allowing problem solving to be completed on a tablet. The digital format allows ‘A3’ forms to expand with problem complexity, rather than be limited to a set size on paper.

Fill in a few boxes for a simple problem – or e.g. choose to use a Fishbone diagram if it’s more complicated. Capture the whole process using photos, sketches and text, so we share the learning and hold it for the future.

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Audits Pro saves time and improves the capture of information with auditing (such as 5S).

Audits are carried out quickly on a tablet, adding photos and comments for evidence as you go, with specific template designs created by you.

Together the applications make Lean disciplines easier to introduce and maintain and help to engage teams in productivity improvement.

“The digital format has enabled us to cut out paperwork and ensures we always have the latest versions in use.”

Simon Peck, Operations Manager, Chaucer U.S