Focus – Visual Strategy Mapping

Strategy expert Gary Hamel advises that creating a strategy that is both innovative and effectively implemented, requires broad involvement across departments and management levels.

But strategy creation is often seen as a specialist activity, best left to ‘experts’. Companies then lose a breadth of wisdom in how to build a compelling competitive edge and also find it harder to engage non participants in the implementation.

The VISMAP® – Visual Strategy Mapping – process enables you to map out your markets and what they value, so that a competitive edge can be clearly identified. It then helps you to shape your supply chain and ensure you can deliver it.

VISMAP® (visual strategy mapping) provides a simple to grasp strategy framework, so non specialists can get involved.  For any strategy to be effective, it must be understood and owned throughout the business so that there is a common focus.

This is easier said than done! – Sales/Marketing, Operations, Design and Financial strategies often end up aiming and pulling in different directions.

It leads the management team on a journey of understanding their products and markets through to shaping a compelling competitive edge. Most importantly, it allows the broader team to journey together, with the common ownership that is essential for effective implementation.

VISMAP® distils the wisdom of an MBA and provides innovative visualisations that allow anyone to understand complex market and financial positions.

For more information on how the process works, have a look at the case studies and contact us to arrange a demonstration.