Strategic Focus – Visual Strategy Mapping

Strategy expert Gary Hamel advises that creating a strategy that is both innovative and effectively implemented, requires broad involvement across departments and management levels.

But creating a strategy is often seen as a specialist activity, best left to ‘experts’. Hence businesses lose a breadth of wisdom and find it harder to engage non participants in the implementation.

The VISMAP® (Visual Strategy Mapping) process was distilled from the Durham Business School MBA and is currently taught and used as part of the DUBS executive MBA ‘boardroom exercise’. It has been designed for anyone to understand and be involved in.

For any strategy to be effective, it must be widely understood and owned to enable a common focus – easier said than done! Sales/Marketing, Operations, Design and Finance often end up aiming and pulling in different directions.

VISMAP® provides a simple to grasp strategy framework and includes innovative visualisations that simplify and clarify your complex market and financial positions. This means that anyone can be involved in the journey of understanding products and markets through to shaping and delivering a compelling competitive edge. 

Most importantly, it allows the team be on this journey together and hence have common ownership of the implementation.

For more information on how the process works, have a look at the case studies and contact us to arrange a demonstration.