Fast and Consistent

A common challenge to increasing operational performance is when managers can only see their ‘silo’ clearly and seek to improve that, rather than seeing the over-arching priorities.

It’s not enough just to have a good week or the applause from a rapid turnaround of a customer order. Achieving sustainable performance is much harder.

For sustainable success, you need speed, responsiveness and consistency. The Relay Team are Lean process specialists who can coach you to achieve this.

Supply Chain mapping workshops allow a team to capture key data on the whole operation, building problem ‘heat maps’. Focussing effort on just one or two of these ‘hot spots’ then delivers the most significant performance increase.

In addition we have developed the Relay System, a set of applications that make essential Lean process disciplines faster to achieve and more engaging to use. It is a portable way of creating standard operating procedures, solving problems and auditing processes. For more information, look at the apps page. 

Individual tools and techniques cannot succeed alone. A business needs to have Lean systems and mindsets to connect those pieces and their people together.  Knowing how to build these foundations for responsiveness and process capability cannot be learned from a bookshelf.

The Relay Team have decades of process improvement experience to help you build these pieces together.

Contact us to discuss finding the best steps forward to help your business.