The end result is more than just the applications, it’s an integrated business system for controlling product and service quality.

Whether you are a bakery with three employees to a hospital with thousands, Relay Team will help you get your processes under control.

The Relay Team provide training in the use of the applications, integration with existing systems and on-going support.


The Apps have been developed by ‘Lean’ improvement specialists who have experienced the power of method standardisation, rapid problem solving and effective process control first hand.

The Relay Team.

The team provide training in both using the applications and the underlying Lean improvement methodologies . Wherever you are based, we can provide training and coaching support – on site or through webinars


Get advice, tips and tricks from other Relay Team App users


IT Administrators needn’t worry – the Apps integrate through existing systems to allow everyone to work together via tablets, PCs and touchscreen displays.

Connect Multiple Device Tablets

Share and sync data. Store and backup everything directly onto existing servers or via the Cloud.

It’s Made for Windows tablets

The Apps work seamlessly with your existing Windows platform and the Cloud to back up data and connect multiple devices.

It’s Secure

Windows Pro allows Bitlocker whole-hard drive encription and read/write permissions to keep your data secure.

It’s Tough

Windows allows the choice of rugged tablet devices which means that you can use it even where it’s hot, wet or rough.


The Relay Team are not just here to get you started, but to keep you moving.

Implementation Support

We provide advice on issues such as enterprise licensing, suitable hardware, suitable Windows versions and user manuals.

Technical Support

Seamless version upgrades, live help desk assistance and priority support is available.

Customised Templates

If you need any specialised designs from adding company logos to creating a specialised version for your industry, then let us know your requirements. Our design team will work with you to create a model that works perfectly for you.

Ready to Get Started?

The place to start is to download the Apps from the Windows Store and test them on a Windows tablet.

To set up access to the synchronization server that allows AUDITS and SOLUTIONS to share information between devices, and for full licences for METHODS, then get in touch.

We will discuss your requirements with you and provide the whole package, support, training, and customisation that you need.