The Relay System is a set of applications that supercharge team-driven continuous improvement.

Identify and solve performance issues, capture and share the new best methods – much more efficiently than using paper-based methods.

The Relay System will transform the speed and reliability of your work processes.

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Ideas and skills must be captured and shared or they are lost when people leave. METHODS PRO is a revolutionary new way to do this.

Saving Time & Cost

Capturing videos, photos, sketches and text on a tablet creates richer work instructions in a fraction of the time.

Sharing Best Practice

For a ‘YouTube generation’, skills can be picked up quickly through multi media learning, broken down into efficient learning steps.

Process Reliability

Quality, Safety and Efficiency icons highlight issues to minimise errors and accidents whilst eliminating inefficient practices.

IT Integration

Running on tablets for portability that integrates through your existing IT. Procedures are stored on your existing servers and shared through any PC.

See the problems


Audit and identify problems quickly, on a tablet, adding photos and comments as evidence.

Time & Labour Saving

Cut out the double handling of paper-based recording. Do them once, add photos and sign off on your tablet, then access the data history.

Flexible Design

Download audits that highlight problems and improvement opportunities – or create your own.

Drive Improvement

Export data into Excel or your BI system to cut out data transfer effort and errors. Create graphs immediately that engage teams and drive improvement.

Fix the problems


PROBLEMS…?! Solve them quickly and permanently, then share the learning. 

Making everyone an effective Problem Solver

Fill in a few boxes for a simple problem – or expand with options if it’s more complicated. Capture the whole process using photos, sketches and text.

It’s Portable

Fix issues on a tablet – right at the source of the problem – on the shopfloor or ‘in the field’. Then project the results into any meeting place.

It’s Flexible

Download common problem solving templates or create your own to match your standard formats.

Share the Learning

Make problem-solving a team affair. Promote collaborative work and better communication. Pass on the fixes and learning to everyone.


The apps have been developed by Lean improvement specialists who have decades of experience of method standardisation, rapid problem solving and effective process control first hand.

The Relay Team

The team provide training in both using the applications and the underlying Lean improvement methodologies . We provide training and coaching support – both on site and online. Meet our Team.


Advice, tips and experience can also be shared with other users, spreading the learning across businesses.


The Relay Team are not just here to get you started, but to keep you moving.

Implementation Support

We provide advice on issues such as enterprise licensing, suitable hardware, installation and user training.

Technical Support

Seamless version upgrades, live help desk assistance and priority support is available.

Customised Templates

From adding company logos to creating a specialised version for your industry, let us know your requirements and our design team will work with you.


The Relay system is designed to radically improve skills retention, flexibility and process quality.

It has been created by Lean specialists with over 20 years practical experience of process improvement. It takes vital Lean disciplines and makes them easier and more engaging to use.

Lost skills affect business flexibility and process quality. Experts estimate that Cost of Poor Quality typically amounts to 5-30% of turnover companies. This represents millions of dollars each year and its reduction can transform marginally successful companies into profitable ones.


The system is right in your hands, making it quick and easy to use. Shared information, skills, best practice, problem solving and audits – all at your fingertips.

Shared wisdom

Skills, learning and techniques are effectively communicated and shared between all team members. Nothing need be lost if an ‘expert’ leaves the business.


Saves hours of time and effort, reducing paper-based tasks. Because it’s easier to do – it’s more likely to get done!

It’s All in One

The Relay System enables you to deliver process standardisation right across your organisation, fix problems quickly, share solutions and monitor progress. All in a leaner way than ever before possible.

Relay makes it much easier for my Team to create their own work procedures. It saves us a lot of time and means they actually get done!

It’s great for having the process information I need, just where I need it.


To test out the Relay System, get in touch to arrange a demonstration.

We can then arrange training and setup workshops either on site or remotely.

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